In early 2003, when Andy Stern and John Rigos invested in their first Subway sandwich shop in Walton, New York, they knew the business they wanted to be in, and that they wanted it to grow into something special, something they and their team could be proud of. Back then, their company was called Five Points Partners (FPP), and its focus was to build or acquire multi-unit national franchise networks. Over the next several years, FPP would grow to more than two dozen units — eighteen Dunkin Donuts and ten Baskin-Robbins, in Long Island and Maryland. In 2006, FPP acquired the exclusive rights to develop up to thirty Five Guys burger locations in Manhattan.

The early years provided an incomparable education in business and people. Andy and John’s experience in the franchise industry, complemented by their relentless research, led them to the belief that one quality, more than any other, determined the success of a concept: the strength of the brand and its connection to guests. FPP expanded its investment strategy to include acquiring and developing concepts with high brand equity potential — originally developed concepts; existing companies with high, yet unrealized, brand potential; and existing multi-unit franchise concepts with standout brand traits.

FPP was renamed Aurify Brands, LLC, in 2011, so that the focus on high brand equity potential could be strengthened further. “Aurify” — to turn to gold — was the goal for each and every one of our brands.

Aurify’s businesses today include Melt Shop, The Little Beet and The Little Beet Table, Fields Good Chicken, MAKE Sandwich, and Five Guys Burgers and Fries.


Our mission is to develop the most admired and valued brands in the hospitality industry. We will achieve this by having all of our brands strive every day to respect each of our stakeholders: our team members are empowered to reach for and achieve their dreams; our guests are provided exceptional and creative food that’s sourced and prepared honestly; and the communities in which we operate benefit from our involvement and commitment.



We believe that no organization of lasting value can be built without a strong, admirable, aspirational culture — and we’ve tried to do just that, thanks to the help of everyone at Aurify. Our core values were compiled with input from all of our team members — everyone. Each person identified and shared what they viewed as important values to live by, and we all pledged to embrace and live by these values each day, in both our professional and personal lives. A pledge shows that these values are more than just words to us. We take it so that everyone to whom we are accountable — investors, guests, the communities in which we do business and, not least of all, ourselves — knows exactly where we stand.

These values include respect, accountability, dreaming big, hunger always to learn, passion for what we do, communication, pride, and the desire to lead by example. Because that was a lot to keep in mind, we simplified our credo to the acronym PEAK:

  • People: The reason we started this business.
  • Excellence: The reason we’re still in business.
  • Authenticity: The reason we’ll still be in business in ten years.
  • Kindness: The reason people will want us to be in business forever.

We think that everything that matters to making great, enduring businesses is included in those four pillars. These values are perpetuated at Aurify and our individual brands.

A vibrant culture isn’t developed overnight and it must be an organic process. By staying true to our core values, and using these values to guide our decision making, our culture will continue to strengthen with every passing day. In sum we’re dedicated to Making Things Better™.