Team Members

Our success lies with our primary asset: our people. We have created a familial environment based on a set of core values – people, excellence, authenticity and kindness. These values apply to team members at our corporate location and to team members at every one of our locations. A positive work environment increases happiness, improves productivity, extends team member longevity, and translates to an optimal experience for our guests, as well.

Nothing determines present and future success more than the ability to identify and hire extraordinary people, then train them so that they can realize their full potential. We are blessed to have throughout our ranks some of the best and brightest in the industry, both at our restaurants and at our office. We have established numerous mechanisms to ensure a superior work environment — from regular and fine-tuned team member reviews, to opportunities for team member feedback, to aggressive support for in-house advancement, and more. The “right” people are our top resource, and we will never stop in our efforts to make Aurify Brands the #1 place to work.


It’s a given in our industry, and in any business, truly: Without happy, loyal guests, we don’t exist. All of us at Aurify Brands and our individual brands understand this bedrock principle, and are motivated by it, every day.

It is our responsibility to create extraordinary environments and experiences for our guests. Whether it’s the delicious, well-prepared, quality food they eat, or the inviting atmosphere, or the hospitality they enjoy, we do everything we can to ensure that every element of their experience with us, each and every time, is as memorably good as it can be. We constantly analyze metrics about each unit of each brand, so that when patterns emerge, positive or negative, we can respond quickly, accentuating the good and eliminating the bad. We solicit regular and frequent feedback from our guests. At every one of our brands, we are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our guests.


We are committed to benefitting the communities in which our businesses operate. We act on this commitment not merely because it makes it easier for us to function but because it is a core value for Aurify to help create a more positive surrounding environment. Each value that our team members commit to, so that they and our businesses will thrive, applies equally to our approach to the larger community. We aim to treat everyone with respect and openness, to achieve excellence, to act authentically and kindly. From the beginning, we have devoted resources to the vital cause of community improvement. It is not just our desire but our responsibility.